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Burlap Bag

The Burlap Bag Soy Candles

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candle is in a 9oz amber glass jar with a black metal lid. They have a 70+ hour burn time and are made from all natural US soy beans. They are hand poured in Austin, Texas in small batches to ensure quality.
Mermaid Magic-sea salt and driftwood

You’re a Wizard-Butterbeer

Plant Person-green vines, leaves, tomato and basil

Cuddles-amber, sandalwood, musk, and vanilla

Gobble Gobble— cranberry, cinnamon, clove, notes of mandarin orange

Root Beer Float - a classic childhood scent of soda and vanilla ice cream
🎉🎉What y’all are saying about Root Beer Float:
-OMG this smells exactly like a root beer float, down to the carbonation. I'm AMAZED
-I'M OBSESSED. It smells like summer!
-The root beer float candle was a huge hit! Strong fragrance. Loved it so much!
-It smells amazing! I took a whiff and it was like being transported back to my childhood. It's so so good!
-I LOVE the root beer candle omg it's amazing
-WOW this smells EXACTLY like root beer float, down to the fizzy bubbles
-It smells jUST like root beer
-Like a trip to the ice cream shop in the best way.
-It smells EXACTLY like a Root Beer Float! The Burlap Bag are scent wizards
-Smells just like my childhood with the root beer twin pops!
-One word: 🤤
-On my way to A&W!! Love 💕 this one. 🎉
-Smells exactly like it's called! Perfect for summer.