Moxie Loyalty Program

I love loyalty programs! It’s one of the reasons I’m team Team Ulta over Team Sephora. Companies recognize there are scores of shopping options these days, and want to reward the customers who stick with them through thick and thin!

As a small business, this task is tough at times. We work with smaller than industry margins, escalating shipping and merchandise costs, and brick and mortar expenses that make running any in-person retail tough in this market.

I’m super committed as a business owner to make a profit (this is my livelihood after all) and also thank the customers that have made it possible for me to run my business for almost 15 years.

Enter the {moxie} points program!

Our customer loyalty program is managed with  If you create an account, you can earn Moxie Points every time you shop (1 point for every dollar you spend) either in-store or online.  Moxie Points can be redeemed for various discounts ranging from $5 to 40% off your next order! 

Earn 100 points just for signing up!  

How to Sign Up for Moxie Loyalty Rewards

  1. Visit and click on the gift bag icon labeled rewards.  Click “join now” and provide your name, email, and a password to create an account.  
  2. Check your email for one from Moxie with the subject “Customer Account Activation.” Open and click the “activate account” button.  
  3. You’ve now earned 100 points for signing up for an account and can begin to earn points for purchases and rewards for referring friends to Moxie using your personalized link.  

Share the Moxie Love: Referral Links

When you login to your Moxie Points account, you’ll notice a “Refer Your Friends” section where there is a personalized link you can share via email/text/social media.  If you share this link and a friend makes a purchase, you both will receive a reward (points, dollar-off discounts, percentage discounts, free shipping, etc.).  Word-of-mouth always has been (and continues to be) the best advertising for the store and something definitely worth rewarding.  Thanks so much for sharing the Moxie love–both online and in-person–it’s your business that keeps me here!

Any questions or problems?  Send an email to or direct message Moxie on Facebook or Instagram.