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Beverly + 3rd Candle Co

9oz Soy Candle

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- Handcrafted in Illinois

- 100% American grown soy wax

- Cotton core wicks

- Fine fragrance oils, infused with essential oils

- Phtalate-free

- Burn time up to 50 hours

Lilac & Cotton: A beautiful blend of warm summer scents, the smell of clean clothes hanging on the line to dry meets the fresh aroma of blossoming lilac bushes that fill the air.

Palo Santo: Embrace the solace and serenity of your own private sauna with the sweet, piney scents of Palo Santo paired with a sophisticated musk.

Wild, Barefoot & Free: The freedom of childhood with the wisdom of life, Wild, Barefoot & Free strips away all of the stresses of everyday life, leaving you to run wild through fields of flowers holding hands with the sun and kissing the clear blue sky.

Apple Orchard: Crisp, fruity scents that you can almost taste fill your nose with the feel of an inviting afternoon stroll through the apple orchard. The air is just starting to cool down, but the warmth of the sun still kisses your cheeks.

Golden Hour:  Capturing the fleeting feeling you get as you watch the fading glow of the evening sun, this scent delivers all of the warmth and comfort of the final minutes before the daylight completely disappears.

Poolside: Bask in the scent of your private saltwater pool, embrace an endless day spent under the hot summer sun.

Tiki Bar: Like a tropical cocktail on a sunny day with your favorite friends, the notes of pineapple and coconut will bring a warm smile to your face from the very first sniff.