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Aiden and Coco

Forest Essential Spray

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Crisp, Earthy, Refreshing

Key Ingredients: Pine, Fir Needles, Mint, Cedarwood

Imagine walking in an ancient Forest as you breathe in, allowing yourself to relax, recharge and fortify deep belonging to the earth and oneself.

Plant-based essential oils are beneficial to mental and physical health but they can be confusing and intimidating. We wanted to make the complicated simple by creating a product that meets the needs of a busy lifestyle. Each blend is carefully selected and crafted by hand to align and harmonize the plants properties and natural aromas that benefit the mind, body and spirit for all genders. We hope self-care can become your daily exercise, wherever or whatever the day takes you, whether you need to boost up, calm down or simply just be. Our name, Aiden & Coco, represents the sun and nature , which are two very important elements that we truly celebrate and respect as we believe that sunshine + nature = life and happiness.