Suz’s Favorite Things: 45th Birthday Edition!

Suz’s Favorite Things: 45th Birthday Edition!

Tuesday May 3rd I turn 45. That’s a big number. A number that I thought was ancient when I was 16. 45??? But as I age through life, I’ve found myself excited about the next number. 30 was a hard birthday–the end of my 20’s, the end of a long term relationship, the end of a job, of a city, of a life. But every birthday after has truly been a celebration. I’m alive! I have friends and family who love me. I have a job that I’m genuinely passionate about in good days and bad. I’m kind, intelligent, and loving. Not everyone gets 45 years. Not everyone lives a life that is filled with love. And I am increasingly grateful for the privilege of living the life that I do.

This Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll be fortunate enough to take off my business hat and put on my Suz shoes. Taking these days to care for myself, to be with others who care about me, and to just appreciate the life that I’ve been given.

Before I sign out for a few days, here’s a little list of current favorites in the shop and why. Check them out online while I’m checked out of work.

Liquid Leather Signature Jacket: This piece was featured in Oprah’s Favorite Things list last year and it has been hard to keep in stock! I just got a fresh shipment of the signature style in a new color and it is perfect for spring/summer. The look is leather, but it is a fabric that has been designed to be cooler than both linen and cotton, it’s washable, and travels impeccably. Clara Sunwoo is a New York based company run by a mother and daughter, and they are truly a joy to work with.

Nicola Playsuit: I’ll admit, when I initially ordered this piece, I was skeptical. Would it fit my pear shaped body? Would I really wear it out of the house? Was this just an expensive pajama onesie for adults? Happily, and through many restocks, I have proven myself wrong. I slowly have grown my personal collection to 5 and I wear this to work, to bed, to dinner and to the spa. Comfortable and versatile, I have paired this with sweaters/leather/denim/tees to achieve so many comfortable and on trend/classic looks.

Anecdote Candles: My current fav is the Young Love fragrance. With a blend of Blackberry and Rose it’s rich and fruity and floral and musky all at once. I light it after dinner, and by the time I’m ready to go to bed, my room smells like a fancy hotel.

Coze Essential Spray: I’m on my 3rd bottle of this personally and although I’m not really into essential oils, I love this scent spritzed on my face and as a light perfume. It’s soothing and warm, and it makes me feel at peace.

Spongelle Luxury Collection: In the past few years I’ve become such a quality over quantity person and the wash/sponge/lotion in this collection makes me feel pampered and lovely. (Plus my shower/bedside table is not overrun with multiple lotions/washes that don’t get used)

Detox Facial & Body Polish: I mainly use this as a weekly facial scrub and it has negated the need for anything else. Personally I’m on my 3rd or 4th container of this. Great exfoliation, great scent, and it’s from a small business.

Poppy and Pout Lip Scrub: I was so excited when my favorite lip balm came out with a lip scrub. I’ve been using various brands for years, but this one is so much nicer, and the packaging is so pretty and classic. Treat yourself, or it’s a great gift when paired with the lip balm.

Mike and Jen’s Hot Cocoa–12oz bag: I am an absolute snob about hot chocolate. This is the first mix that I’ve found that you can make with water instead of milk, and it comes out rich and creamy. The ingredients are simple–whole milk powder, cocoa powder, confectioners sugar, cane sugar and sea salt–but it’s some of the tastiest hot cocoa I’ve had. The company is based in Duluth, and in the past few months since I’ve started carrying it I’ve seen the distributor list grow and grow. I truly love when a small family business succeeds, and I’m grateful to be a part of its success story.

California Gummy Bears: As I’ve said earlier in this post, I am becoming a big fan of quality over quantity and these cute little bears fit that bill to a t! Organic, vegan, plant based gummies in sustainable packaging and the taste is delicious. Recently featured in the New York Times Food Section, this little company is on the rise!

Hammond’s Birthday Cake Popcorn: Well, this one is no surprise. It’s popcorn that tastes like birthday cake. Great as a little birthday treat, or just a special treat for yourself on a non-birthday day. YUM.

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