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5 Tips for How to Make the Most of Sidewalk Sales

Mannequin wearing blue and white striped dress with berry colored cardigan and fruit earrings on a sidewalk next to a sandwich board advertising {moxie}

Note: tips here are geared toward to 2024 Sidewalk Sales in Hibbing, MN (Friday, July 12 from 8 AM to 7 PM) for women's clothing store {moxie}, but can also just be good advice for shopping any sales at similar small businesses.  Remember, shop small!  

1. Wear a good bra/underwear.  

If you're planning on wearing a sports bra with items you're buying--do that. But if you would most likely be wearing an underwire/halter/strapless with pieces you are hunting for, make sure to wear that so you can envision the final look.  

2. Don't be afraid to try on a size smaller or larger than your "regular size." 

Women's apparel sizing is crazy.  Don't miss out on a piece because you don't want to wear an XL or you'd "never fit" into a small.   

3.  Make a budget and take out cash.  

It's easy to get carried away with all the deals.  Take a look at your budget and stop by the ATM to get cash beforehand.  It's helpful for you and also helpful for merchants as it helps us avoid card processing fees.  

4.  Look through your closet and make a list of items you need.  

Are you low on leggings for winter layering?  Is your favorite bralette in need of replacing? Make sure to pick them up now on sale!

5.  Drink water and don't forget those sunglasses and hat!

It's the first hot week of the season here.  Make sure you can enjoy your time shopping by taking care of yourself and not getting dehydrated!

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