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Muted Flower Statement Earrings

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These Retro style flower earrings are handmade from scratch in my home studio. Each pair is a unique piece of art, with no two earrings looking exactly alike. Even the pair of earrings are sisters, not twins! These flowers have a throw back vibe to them, totally retro with some muted watercoloring. The coloring reminds me Scandinavian coloring, reminds me of something my Norwegian grandma would have in her house. These earrings have three tiers, all hand cut by me, and they move effortlessly on your body. The first tier has the stainless steel earring post on it, the second tier is a larger flower with three leaves having from it. They are super light, you can wear them all day long and they won't make your ear ache. These earrings have a total length of 3-1/4 inches, they are 1-3/8 inches at the widest point in the middle and they have stainless steel posts. They seriously weigh less than an ounce, they are insanely light and easy to wear.