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Dirt Bag Beauty

Dirt Bag Beauty Kits

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Get your bliss on with our spa day kit, for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.

Steam Scrub Soak

Face & Body Spa Day Kit includes:

-Steam Clean Organic Facial Steam

-All Buffed Up Exfoliating Body Mask & Polish

-Madagascar Bath Soak

-Mini Stainless Steel Facial Roller


Find your Zen with our self care rituals kit—wonderful variety of products to bring delight and calm to a hectic day.

Mask Soak Sleep

Self Care Rituals Kit includes:

-Berry Bomb Organic Facial Mask

-Cloud 9 Bath Soak

-Steep to Sleep Relaxing Herbal Tea blend

-Heart Tea Infuser

-Amethyst Crystal


It’s all about your face with this vegan all-natural facial essentials kit for glowing, radiant & smooth looking skin.

Scrub Mask Pout

Facial Essentials Kit includes:

-Renew Exfoliating Facial Cleanser

-One in a Melon Facial Mask

-Pucker Up Buttercup Lip Mask

-Mixing Bowl & Bamboo Applicator


100% Compostable Packaging