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Talking Out Of Turn

Candle Can Glass

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The only thing better than a perfectly-scented all-natural soy-based candle? A perfectly-scented all-natural soy-based candle with the CUTEST, Toot-iest designs!! All of your favorite Toot classics and some new ones, too!  
Good Vibrations-
  • Smells like your favorite pink cropped sweater on a breezy spring morning!
~ sweet pineapple, raspberry, & strawberry
Tryst Your Vibes- 
  • Smells like a weekend float trip with your besties!
~ bergamot, cedar, amber & sandalwood
  • Clean, All-Natural Soy-Based Wax (Paraffin Free!)
  • Paraben-Free Fragrances
  • Cotton Wick
  • 16oz Can-Shaped Glass, Approx. 81 Hour Burn Time