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Alcohol-Free Dry Secco

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Inspired by the effervescence of champagne, our non alcoholic prosecco is thoughtfully crafted from hand-picked chardonnay grapes. Delicate, floral and semi-dry with a touch of tartness, this alcohol-free sparkling wine is our most popular bevie for a reason. Each bottle contains 0.0% alcohol, 10 ounces of yumminess and just 50 calories. Did we mention it’s completely gluten-free and sulfate-free? Cheers to that, babe. She's delicious on her own, but we love using Dry Secco as a base for craft mocktails and mimosas. Our favorite combo? Start with the Secco, add a few dashes of elderflower bitters and a squeeze of lemon, and you've got a glass of pure bliss!

About Grüvi: 

Grüvi is a small, family owned company based in Denver, CO. We brew craft, non alcoholic beer and wine so that everyone can enjoy an elevated beverage, regardless of alcohol content. At Grüvi, we envision a world where we don’t always feel inclined to drink in a social setting, and a world where everyone can feel comfortable, regardless of what’s in their cup. Our mission is simple- help others be healthy and stay social, one sip at a time.